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December 7, 2023

It feels empowering to be a bold woman in a predominantly
male-dominated field.
Many professional arenas are often dominated by men,
making it challenging for women to carve their own paths. A
confident woman may face greater scrutiny or criticism
compared to her male counterparts.
Are you a woman interested in pursuing a career as a
barber? Disregard the outdated notion that only men can be
barbers or that you won’t thrive in a male-dominated industry
—those are mere misconceptions!
Below is an insightful guide shedding light on the experience
of being a woman barber. Keep reading, and get ready to
hone your barbering skills.
You’re Not Just the ‘Trophy Girl’
Regrettably, some barbershops still view women as the
shop’s ‘trophy girl,’ subjecting them to objectification. It’s
crucial to enter the industry with the understanding that you
are not there for decoration; you are a respected
professional deserving the same treatment as your male
counterparts. Before applying to a shop, assess its
environment and values. Only consider places that value you
as an employee, especially if you’re the only woman. During
interviews, inquire about the shop’s history of employing
women to gauge their attitude towards female barbers.

You’ll Have a Loyal Customer Base
Building a loyal customer base happens quickly when men
find a barber they can trust. Don’t hesitate to highlight your
experience when working with new clients, proudly
showcasing certificates from special training courses.
Implement a rewards program, offering a free trim on every
5th shave to keep your clients returning.
Enjoy the Small Talk
If you’ve attended cosmetology school, you likely understand
the value of deep conversations and building close
relationships—common practices in hairdressing salons.
While male-dominated shops may favor small talk, don’t be
surprised if clients open up quickly. Maintain your
authenticity in conversations; there’s no need to diminish
yourself for the sake of male co-workers.
Be Ready for the Weekends
Depending on the barbershop’s location, weekends might
bring a party-like atmosphere. Establish rules for dealing
with intoxicated customers and stand your ground if they
become disrespectful. If ever uncomfortable or unsafe, seek
assistance from a trusted co-worker or the owner.
Simplicity is (Often) Best
While many women enjoy styling their hair elaborately, men
typically prefer simple, time-efficient styles. Keep a repertoire

of several simple cuts and reference photos on your phone
to assist clients. Share tips on skin and hair care and
encourage the use of recommended products.

Sign Up for American Barber Institute Today
Embark on this cutting-edge career by enrolling in a local
barber school. Enjoy hands-on training, peer support, and
the chance to exchange tips with classmates. Seek
recommendations from friends in the profession or conduct
a Google search for “barber school near me.” Take
advantage of the opportunity to shadow professional barbers
during your school days.
The World of a Woman Barber

Don’t let fear or criticism deter you from becoming a woman
barber. Despite the male-dominated nature of the field, many
talented women are paving the way for others worldwide.
Find a shop that values and respects women, stand your
ground with male clients, and delight in the loyal client base
you’ll build. Enroll in a local barber school today to kickstart
your journey. If you’re a woman in the New York, area eager
to begin your barber career, explore our site and contact us
today. It’s time to take charge!

Financial Assistance Is Available

Financial assistance may be available through ACCES-VR, Post-9/11 GI Bill, the US Department of Veterans Affairs or other sources.