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Adult Career and Continuing Education Services – Vocational Rehabilitation

American Barber Institute: Empowering Dreams and Careers Through Education and Support.

Nestled in the heart of the American vocational landscape, the American Barber Institute has distinguished itself not only as a premier training ground for aspiring barbers but also as a beacon of hope for individuals seeking to carve out a career path despite their disabilities. Through a dynamic partnership with ACCES-VR, this institute has championed the cause of inclusivity, offering a transformative journey to empowerment, education, and job placement services for its diverse consumer base. What makes this collaboration truly remarkable is that ACCES-VR not only provides crucial support for individuals with disabilities but also shoulders the financial responsibility for their education tools and supplies.

ACCESS-VR includes a number of services including:

  • Vocational Counseling and Guidance
  • Assessments and Evaluations
  • Rehabilitation Technology
  • Special Transportation
  • Adaptive Driver Training
  • Work Readiness
  • Training including tuition, related fees, required textbooks
  • Vocational College
  • Tutor, Reader and Note Taker services
  • Youth Services
  • Physical and mental restoration services
  • Medical care for acute conditions arising during the program
  • Modifications to homes, vehicles and worksites
  • Job Development and Placement
  • Work Try Out & On the Job Training
  • Job Coaching
  • Occupational tools and equipment
  • Goods, inventory, equipment and supplies for self-employment
  • Occupational and business licenses

Applications for ACCESS-VR services are available in English, Chinese, Haitian-Creole, Italian, Russian, and Spanish.

Mastering the Craft: Training with Excellence

At the heart of the American Barber Institute lies a commitment to excellence, where students are not only trained in the technical artistry of barbering but are also mentored to become industry leaders. With an all-encompassing curriculum designed to foster both theoretical knowledge and practical expertise, the institute equips its students with the necessary skills to excel in the competitive world of professional barbering. Under the guidance of seasoned professionals, students master the nuances of the craft, gaining the confidence and proficiency required to obtain a Master Barber License.

Inclusivity and Support: Redefining Possibilities

One of the most transformative aspects of the American Barber Institute is its dedication to inclusivity. Through its collaboration with ACCES-VR, the institute has opened its doors wide to individuals with disabilities, recognizing their potential and nurturing their aspirations. By providing tailored support services, adaptive training methodologies, and an inclusive learning environment, the institute ensures that every student, regardless of their abilities, has an equal opportunity to thrive and succeed in the field of barbering. This not only fosters independence but also instills a sense of belonging and empowerment within the student community.

Building Careers: A Path to Sustainable Employment

The American Barber Institute, in tandem with ACCES-VR, doesn’t just stop at education but extends its support to secure meaningful employment for its graduates. Armed with comprehensive career development programs, the institute guides its students through the intricacies of job placement, resume building, and interview preparation. This holistic approach doesn’t merely aim to create barbers; it aspires to build successful, self-reliant professionals who contribute meaningfully to the workforce. The focus is not just on securing a job but on fostering a lifelong career in the dynamic world of barbering.

Investing in Success: ACCES-VR’s Essential Contribution

Central to the success of this transformative journey is the indispensable role played by ACCES-VR. By not only assisting individuals with disabilities in achieving their professional aspirations but also shouldering the financial burden of their education tools and supplies, ACCES-VR paves the way for an inclusive and accessible educational experience. This unwavering support underscores the commitment of both institutions to ensure that every individual, irrespective of their circumstances, has the opportunity to pursue their dreams and contribute meaningfully to society.

A Vision for the Future: Empowering Through Collaboration

The partnership between the American Barber Institute and ACCES-VR is a testament to the power of collaboration, inclusivity, and unwavering support. By nurturing talent, fostering independence, and building careers, this collaborative effort not only transforms individual lives but also sets a precedent for a more inclusive and accessible vocational education landscape. As we celebrate the successes and achievements of the graduates, let us continue to advocate for equal opportunities and reaffirm the belief that every individual deserves a chance to shine and contribute to the fabric.

Paving the Way for Aspiring Barbers in New York State: ACCESS-VR for Individuals with Disabilities

Barbering, a timeless craft that transcends boundaries, has always been a profession that draws individuals from diverse backgrounds. However, for those facing hurdles due to disabilities, realizing their dream of becoming a licensed barber might seem like a distant goal. This is where the Adult Career and Continuing Education Services – Vocational Rehabilitation (ACCESS-VR) program steps in, dismantling obstacles and opening doors for individuals aspiring to thrive in the barbering industry.

The first crucial step in the journey of a budding barber is to acquire education and secure a state license to practice. Yet, for many, this pathway can be riddled with challenges. ACCESS-VR acts as a catalyst, offering vital support to qualified individuals with disabilities, ensuring they can pursue their ambitions without hindrance. As a result, numerous students have successfully established themselves as accomplished barbers, shop owners, and instructors, thanks to the transformative impact of the ACCESS-VR program.

ACCESS-VR provides an array of comprehensive services, including vocational rehabilitation, counseling, assessments, adaptive driver training, work readiness training, and more. Notably, one of the most significant benefits it offers is covering the costs of education for eligible clients, thereby removing financial barriers that might impede their progress.

Applying for ACCESS-VR services is accessible to individuals who meet specific criteria, including having a disability that affects their ability to work, being eligible for employment in the United States post-education, and residing in New York State. Additionally, applicants must be at least 14 years old and capable of participating in the vocational rehabilitation services.

The program extends its reach through a spectrum of services, from physical and mental restoration support to job development and placement assistance, ultimately ensuring that every step of the journey toward a successful barbering career is facilitated. Moreover, the provision of services in multiple languages such as English, Chinese, Haitian-Creole, Italian, Russian, and Spanish underscores ACCESS-VR’s commitment to inclusivity and accessibility.

For those seeking more information or wishing to initiate the application process, the Manhattan ACCESS-VR office, located at 116 West 32 Street, Fifth Floor, NY, NY 10001, is a valuable resource. However, in adherence to the safety protocols necessitated by the ongoing pandemic, it is imperative to schedule an appointment before visiting the office, effective from Monday, August 2nd.

For a detailed understanding of the program’s offerings and the application process, please visit the official ACCESS-VR website at ACCESS-VR continues to stand as a beacon of hope and opportunity for aspiring barbers in New York State, demonstrating its unwavering commitment to empowering individuals and fostering inclusive career paths.

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Payment Plans options Available.

American Barber Institute offers flexible tuition payment plans to help students manage the cost of the Master Barber Program. We have two schedules available, each with its own payment plan options:


Morning Program (8 am - 2 pm)


  • Upon registration, students will pay a $500 tuition down payment.
  • The remaining balance will be divided into 17 weekly payments of $300.
  • Students are responsible for purchasing their own barbering tools, books, and supplies.


Afternoon Program (2 pm - 8 pm)


  • Upon registration, students will pay a $500 tuition down payment.
  • The remaining balance of $4100 will be divided into 16 weekly payments of $250, with a final payment of $100 on week 17.
  • Students are responsible for purchasing their own barbering tools, books, and supplies.


Both plans offer an out-of-pocket comprehensive tuition payment option, ensuring that students can pay in installments throughout their program. Choose the schedule that best fits your needs and start your journey toward becoming a Master Barber with the American Barber Institute.

Access VR financial assistance option.

Access VR program is a key player in supporting individuals with disabilities in obtaining and maintaining employment. This means that if you qualify, you could receive financial assistance to pursue your passion for barbering.

Veterans GI BILL® financial assistance option.

If you are a veteran, GI BILL® opens doors to education and vocational training. At American Barber Institute, we honor and support those who have served our Country by offering assistance through the Veterans GI BILL®, making barbering education accessible to our nation’s heroes.

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