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December 14, 2023
First Things First: What Happens After Barber School

The first way to earn money back lost invested going to
school is by simply becoming a barber. Jobs in cosmetology
are more popular than ever. The cosmetology industry is not
going anywhere. People will always want to upkeep their
appearance. Meanwhile, expressing yourself creatively
through hair and makeup is considered an act of
individualism and an art form for professionals.

Establishing yourself as a qualified, respectable barber is the
first step towards having a profitable business.
Distinguishing yourself from your peers via unique skillsets,
genuine compassion towards your clients, or whatever you
want your signature to be will separate you from any other
barber out there.

Before deciding to decide to own a barbershop, try renting
out your own booth. By paying a monthly fee to a shop
owner, you can work for yourself, get practice paying
business bills every month, and budget for such.

Salaries for barbers, not shop owners but barbers, are
around an average of $30,000 annually. There is a give and

take to this according to what has already been mentioned
above. In some cases, barbers can make up $100,000 a year

Taking It Up a Notch

After barber school and establishing yourself as a barber,
you may be ready to take it up a notch. You probably love the
feeling of working for yourself while serving others, and that
is one of the reasons you decided to become a barber in the
first place. Now you can use the skills you have gained in
your career so far to run a successful business.

Of course, it takes a large investment at first if you decide to
start your own shop. This can be in the ballpark about
$150,000. Costs to consider are for the building, basic utility
costs, money to pay employees, equipment costs, insurance,
inventory, furniture, and more. Start by having a business
plan and going from there. It’s important to have your vision
of your shop will be mapped out so that you can prepare and
plan for everything it takes to make the vision a reality. Don’t
sacrifice the vision and quality for saving money. While
saving money is ideal, so is having a reputable business. It
may take you at least a year, if not longer, to make up the
money you spent investing in your business -plan for this.

Ways of Adding More Income

There are ways to add more income when running a
barbershop. First, you can take a percentage of the money
from your employees’ sales. Commissions are a great way of
getting some pretty passive income on your part. Talk with

your employees about a reasonable percentage that works
for both of you.

Where you likely started getting a taste for entrepreneurship
from renting a booth, now barbers can rent booths from you.
You can also rent out booths at locations such as malls,
hotels, and various shops that may want the additional foot
traffic your services have to offer. Renting out booths can
make up for costs of rent and other business expenses.
Learn more about renting a chair versus working on

Selling products in your store is an easy way to make money.
Most companies offer discounts to stores that order in bulk.
Then, you can make a return on this money spent by upping
the prices back to their original pinpoint. Only selling the
most quality products will also ensure that your clients are
happy with what you are offering them. Similarly to selling
products, you can make affiliate money. By recommending
certain brands’ products, you get a small percentage of any
sale made that was referred by you.

Get Barbering Today

Attending American Barber Institute opens up a wide range
of possibilities for your career trajectory explore the various
ways you can be successful barbering.


December 12, 2023

If you’re contemplating the idea of starting your own
barbershop, the crucial question to ask is whether it’s a
venture worth pursuing. Is it a profitable business, and what
prerequisites are essential to get started? Are barbershops a
profitable business?
You may be intrigued by barber school but uncertain about
the return on investment. This is completely understandable,
and you’ve come to the right place. Committing to barber
school without the assurance of future profitability is a
concern you wouldn’t want to overlook.
Nobody wants to invest their time, effort, money, and energy
in upgrading their skills only to face uncertain job security.
To provide you with peace of mind regarding whether
becoming a barber is the right choice for you, this guide has
you covered. Read further to gain the confirmation you need

on the ways that opening a barbershop and attending barber
school can indeed be profitable and worthwhile.
Initial Factors to Consider
Before delving into all the strategies to enhance profitability
as a barbershop owner, it’s crucial to understand the factors
influencing your income as an individual barber and
subsequently as a barbershop owner. These factors
encompass your attentiveness to clients, your skillset and
education level, whether you’re paying for a booth or rent,
and the location of the shop. All these factors significantly
influence the rates of the services you offer.
If your staff possesses higher skill levels, you can command
higher prices for the services provided. Investing extra time
in making clients feel cared for will also manifest in higher
tips, increased customer loyalty, and positive
recommendations. Basic costs, such as renting a booth or a
leased space, must be carefully considered. You need to
determine the optimal amount to pay for the space to ensure
a profitable return after covering all your bills.
Finally, the location of your space matters. Certain areas may
not command as much for services due to the clientele’s
financial constraints. Being mindful of your shop’s location
is essential for catering to the needs of your community
while running a successful business.


December 10, 2023
Modern Day Barbering Problem Overcome Them

Barbers bring out our best features. Nearly 15,000 Americans
work as barbers, but cutting and styling hair isn’t always
easy. Even those who attended barber school encounter
various challenges. How can barbershop managers hire and
train new employees, find the right products, and retain loyal
clients? How do they stay atop fashion and hair trends?
Answering these questions can help circumvent barbering
challenges. Here’s your quick guide.
Staff Shortages
When you have an opening, broaden your search for
applicants. Post detailed job descriptions on platforms like
LinkedIn. Set competitive salaries based on industry
standards. If recruitment is a struggle, consider a third-party
recruitment group, but remember, the final hiring decision is
Staff Training

Hire individuals with barber or cosmetology school
experience. Provide training on preferred methods and
current trends. Despite training costs, factor them into your
budget. Assess new employees’ skills post-training to
validate your methods.
Finding the Right Products
Stock your shelves with popular products by observing
customer behavior. Purchase wholesale for lower prices and
potential deals. Develop relationships with product
representatives for insights.
Developing Customer Loyalty
Stand out by building and maintaining customer loyalty.
Collect contact information and send personalized
messages. Utilize social media platforms and focus on
providing unique content. Engage with local news and
barbering-related stories.
Making Customers Feel Welcome
Greet customers warmly, memorize names, and create a
clean, comfortable waiting area. Provide reading materials
and outlets for devices to enhance the overall experience.
Keeping Up With Beauty Trends
Stay updated on the fast pace of beauty trends by reading
fashion magazines and following relevant accounts.
Experiment with different techniques, colors, textures, and hair angles. Encourage conversations with clients about
ongoing trends.
Barber School vs. Cosmetology School
Navigate challenges in hiring, training, and product
selection. Keep in touch with customers, follow trends, and
experiment with your style. If additional assistance is
needed, consider attending a reputable barber school like the
American Barber Institute


December 8, 2023

You’ve finally reached the point where you’re ready to open
your own barbershop—a significant and thrilling step in your
career that empowers you to be your own boss. The only
lingering question is how to attract and retain customers.
Successfully marketing your barbershop is a crucial task,
and the responsibility rests on your shoulders to ensure its

Social Media is King
Almost everyone is on social media these days, providing
you with a vast audience. To stand out, maintain an active
presence by posting frequently. Utilize videos showcasing
your shop, and don’t worry too much about high production
quality—smartphone recordings work just fine. Use social
media to highlight any ongoing discounts or specials,
making it the go-to platform for your clientele to stay
informed. Gain permission to showcase your work through
pictures; visuals speak louder than words.

Referral and Loyalty Programs
Implementing reward programs, such as referral and loyalty
programs, can significantly boost your customer base. Offer
discounts to customers who refer friends and family, turning
satisfied customers into your most effective promoters.
Loyalty programs, often involving punch cards, encourage
repeat business. Customers returning for multiple haircuts
will be the backbone of your business and might even bring
in new customers through their loyalty.

Create a Good Website
A well-designed website provides constant accessibility to
your business information, including hours, prices, and
discounts. Incorporate an online booking system to cater to
customers who prefer scheduling appointments digitally.
Ensure your website includes a portfolio, showcasing your
work with the same pictures from social media and market your website with google ads. This allows potential customers to get a clear sense of your skills and style.

Discount Days
Identify slower days at your barbershop and counteract them
by offering discount days. Lower prices on specific
weekdays can attract more customers during regular
working hours. While you might technically earn less on
these days, the increased foot traffic can compensate for the
reduced rates. Consider adjusting your discount days based
on the season or local events to maximize their

Start Marketing Your Barbershop Today
As you embark on your barbering career, these tips will
position your new barbershop at the forefront of local
searches. To kickstart your journey, enroll in New York,
dedicated barber institute. Acquire the skills necessary to
confidently open your own shop, ensuring customer
satisfaction and business success. Sign up for our programs
today and embark on your rewarding career path.


December 7, 2023

It feels empowering to be a bold woman in a predominantly
male-dominated field.
Many professional arenas are often dominated by men,
making it challenging for women to carve their own paths. A
confident woman may face greater scrutiny or criticism
compared to her male counterparts.
Are you a woman interested in pursuing a career as a
barber? Disregard the outdated notion that only men can be
barbers or that you won’t thrive in a male-dominated industry
—those are mere misconceptions!
Below is an insightful guide shedding light on the experience
of being a woman barber. Keep reading, and get ready to
hone your barbering skills.
You’re Not Just the ‘Trophy Girl’
Regrettably, some barbershops still view women as the
shop’s ‘trophy girl,’ subjecting them to objectification. It’s
crucial to enter the industry with the understanding that you
are not there for decoration; you are a respected
professional deserving the same treatment as your male
counterparts. Before applying to a shop, assess its
environment and values. Only consider places that value you
as an employee, especially if you’re the only woman. During
interviews, inquire about the shop’s history of employing
women to gauge their attitude towards female barbers.

You’ll Have a Loyal Customer Base
Building a loyal customer base happens quickly when men
find a barber they can trust. Don’t hesitate to highlight your
experience when working with new clients, proudly
showcasing certificates from special training courses.
Implement a rewards program, offering a free trim on every
5th shave to keep your clients returning.
Enjoy the Small Talk
If you’ve attended cosmetology school, you likely understand
the value of deep conversations and building close
relationships—common practices in hairdressing salons.
While male-dominated shops may favor small talk, don’t be
surprised if clients open up quickly. Maintain your
authenticity in conversations; there’s no need to diminish
yourself for the sake of male co-workers.
Be Ready for the Weekends
Depending on the barbershop’s location, weekends might
bring a party-like atmosphere. Establish rules for dealing
with intoxicated customers and stand your ground if they
become disrespectful. If ever uncomfortable or unsafe, seek
assistance from a trusted co-worker or the owner.
Simplicity is (Often) Best
While many women enjoy styling their hair elaborately, men
typically prefer simple, time-efficient styles. Keep a repertoire

of several simple cuts and reference photos on your phone
to assist clients. Share tips on skin and hair care and
encourage the use of recommended products.

Sign Up for American Barber Institute Today
Embark on this cutting-edge career by enrolling in a local
barber school. Enjoy hands-on training, peer support, and
the chance to exchange tips with classmates. Seek
recommendations from friends in the profession or conduct
a Google search for “barber school near me.” Take
advantage of the opportunity to shadow professional barbers
during your school days.
The World of a Woman Barber

Don’t let fear or criticism deter you from becoming a woman
barber. Despite the male-dominated nature of the field, many
talented women are paving the way for others worldwide.
Find a shop that values and respects women, stand your
ground with male clients, and delight in the loyal client base
you’ll build. Enroll in a local barber school today to kickstart
your journey. If you’re a woman in the New York, area eager
to begin your barber career, explore our site and contact us
today. It’s time to take charge!


December 6, 2023

Embracing the art of barbering isn’t just a passion; it can also be a lucrative career. The American Barber Institute stands out as a beacon for aspiring barbers, offering a pathway to financial success while indulging in the craft they love. In this article, we’ll explore how barbers from the institute have managed to turn their skills into a six-figure income.

  1. Skill Mastery: The Foundation of Success

At the American Barber Institute, emphasis is placed on honing the craft to perfection. Barbers undergo rigorous training, mastering both classic and contemporary techniques. Skillful execution not only ensures customer satisfaction but also sets the stage for premium pricing.

  1. Clientele Building: From Chair to Community

Successful barbers understand that each client is not just a haircut; they are a relationship waiting to be built. The institute teaches barbers to foster connections, turning one-time customers into loyal patrons. A dedicated clientele not only guarantees a steady flow of business but also opens doors to referrals, a powerful tool in the barbering industry.

  1. Entrepreneurial Spirit: Beyond the Chair

The American Barber Institute instills an entrepreneurial mindset in its students. Barbers are encouraged to explore additional revenue streams, such as creating and selling their own haircare products, offering tutorials, or even collaborating with local businesses. This diversified approach contributes significantly to their overall income.

  1. Digital Presence: Cutting-Edge Marketing

In the age of social media, the institute recognizes the importance of a strong online presence. Barbers are taught how to leverage platforms like Instagram and Facebook to showcase their skills, attract new clients, and build a brand. A well-crafted digital image not only boosts credibility but also opens doors to lucrative opportunities, such as partnerships and sponsorships.

  1. Continual Education: Staying Ahead of Trends

Barbering is an ever-evolving industry, with trends and techniques constantly changing. The American Barber Institute ensures that its barbers stay ahead of the curve by providing continual education. This commitment to staying current not only attracts clients seeking the latest styles but also positions barbers as industry leaders.

  1. Location Matters: Strategic Placement

Understanding the demographics of an area is crucial for success. The institute teaches its barbers the importance of strategic placement, helping them choose locations where there is demand for their specific skills. By identifying underserved markets or areas with a thriving clientele, barbers can maximize their earning potential.

The American Barber Institute’s approach to success goes beyond the scissors and clippers; it’s about transforming a passion into a profitable venture. By mastering their craft, building a dedicated clientele, embracing an entrepreneurial spirit, establishing a strong digital presence, staying educated, and strategically choosing their location, barbers from the institute are not just making a living; they’re making six figures doing what they love. It’s a testament to the fact that in the world of barbering, financial success is within reach for those who are willing to invest in their skills and take their passion to new heights.


December 6, 2023


In the heart of New York, where dreams are crafted and careers take shape, the question often arises: How much does barber school cost in this bustling metropolis? Traditionally, the price tag for a typical barber school in New York could send the figure soaring well beyond $10,000, causing aspiring barbers to rethink their aspirations.


Enter the American Barber Institute, a beacon of affordability and unparalleled education in the realm of barbering. Here’s the game-changer – attending the American Barber Institute ensures that your investment in education stays well within reach at an unbeatable price of no more than $5600. This isn’t just about cost; it’s about forging a path toward excellence in the best barber school New York has to offer.


Finances shouldn’t be a roadblock to pursuing your passion for barbering. The American Barber Institute understands this, offering a structured payment plan that aligns with your financial comfort. Picture this: a manageable $300 weekly, making quality barber education not just affordable but accessible.


Choosing the right barber school isn’t just about the numbers; it’s about the substance of education and the skills you acquire. The American Barber Institute takes pride in being the best barber school in NY, providing hands-on training and a curriculum meticulously crafted to set you on the path to success in the competitive world of barbering.


Your journey to becoming a sought-after barber in the vibrant landscape of New York City starts with a wise investment. The American Barber Institute stands as a testament to affordable, quality education. Let cost no longer be a barrier – dive into a world of possibilities and shape your future with the American Barber Institute, where excellence meets affordability.


December 5, 2023
Exploring the Benefits of Enrolling in the American Barber Institute: Your Path to Barbering Excellence

Are you contemplating a career as a barber in the bustling state of New York? Look no further than the American Barber Institute, where the journey to becoming a skilled barber begins. To practice the art of barbering in New York, aspiring barbers are required to fulfill specific training criteria.

At the American Barber Institute, we take pride in offering a comprehensive 500-hour Master Barber training program. This program is meticulously designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in the competitive world of barbering. From mastering classic techniques to staying updated on the latest trends, our program ensures you are well-prepared for success.

In addition to the Master Barber training, the state of New York mandates completion of a 3-hour HIV/Contagious Diseases Program. This essential component focuses on ensuring barbers are well-versed in maintaining a safe and hygienic environment for both themselves and their clients.

By choosing the American Barber Institute, you not only invest in your education but also gain access to a supportive community of experienced instructors and fellow aspiring barbers. Our commitment is to guide you through every step of your journey, setting you on the path to a rewarding career in barbering.

Embark on your exciting venture into the world of barbering with confidence, armed with the skills and knowledge imparted by the American Barber Institute. Join us and discover why our institute is the optimal choice for those aspiring to become successful barbers in the vibrant state of New York.

Payment Plans options Available.

American Barber Institute offers flexible tuition payment plans to help students manage the cost of the Master Barber Program. We have two schedules available, each with its own payment plan options:


Morning Program (8 am - 2 pm)


  • Upon registration, students will pay a $500 tuition down payment.
  • The remaining balance will be divided into 17 weekly payments of $300.
  • Students are responsible for purchasing their own barbering tools, books, and supplies.


Afternoon Program (2 pm - 8 pm)


  • Upon registration, students will pay a $500 tuition down payment.
  • The remaining balance of $4100 will be divided into 16 weekly payments of $250, with a final payment of $100 on week 17.
  • Students are responsible for purchasing their own barbering tools, books, and supplies.


Both plans offer an out-of-pocket comprehensive tuition payment option, ensuring that students can pay in installments throughout their program. Choose the schedule that best fits your needs and start your journey toward becoming a Master Barber with the American Barber Institute.

Access VR financial assistance option.

Access VR program is a key player in supporting individuals with disabilities in obtaining and maintaining employment. This means that if you qualify, you could receive financial assistance to pursue your passion for barbering.

Veterans GI Bill financial assistance option.

If you are a veteran, GI Bill opens doors to education and vocational training. At American Barber Institute, we honor and support those who have served our Country by offering assistance through the Veterans GI Bill, making barbering education accessible to our nation’s heroes.

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