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First Things First: What Happens After Barber School


December 14, 2023
First Things First: What Happens After Barber School

The first way to earn money back lost invested going to
school is by simply becoming a barber. Jobs in cosmetology
are more popular than ever. The cosmetology industry is not
going anywhere. People will always want to upkeep their
appearance. Meanwhile, expressing yourself creatively
through hair and makeup is considered an act of
individualism and an art form for professionals.

Establishing yourself as a qualified, respectable barber is the
first step towards having a profitable business.
Distinguishing yourself from your peers via unique skillsets,
genuine compassion towards your clients, or whatever you
want your signature to be will separate you from any other
barber out there.

Before deciding to decide to own a barbershop, try renting
out your own booth. By paying a monthly fee to a shop
owner, you can work for yourself, get practice paying
business bills every month, and budget for such.

Salaries for barbers, not shop owners but barbers, are
around an average of $30,000 annually. There is a give and

take to this according to what has already been mentioned
above. In some cases, barbers can make up $100,000 a year

Taking It Up a Notch

After barber school and establishing yourself as a barber,
you may be ready to take it up a notch. You probably love the
feeling of working for yourself while serving others, and that
is one of the reasons you decided to become a barber in the
first place. Now you can use the skills you have gained in
your career so far to run a successful business.

Of course, it takes a large investment at first if you decide to
start your own shop. This can be in the ballpark about
$150,000. Costs to consider are for the building, basic utility
costs, money to pay employees, equipment costs, insurance,
inventory, furniture, and more. Start by having a business
plan and going from there. It’s important to have your vision
of your shop will be mapped out so that you can prepare and
plan for everything it takes to make the vision a reality. Don’t
sacrifice the vision and quality for saving money. While
saving money is ideal, so is having a reputable business. It
may take you at least a year, if not longer, to make up the
money you spent investing in your business -plan for this.

Ways of Adding More Income

There are ways to add more income when running a
barbershop. First, you can take a percentage of the money
from your employees’ sales. Commissions are a great way of
getting some pretty passive income on your part. Talk with

your employees about a reasonable percentage that works
for both of you.

Where you likely started getting a taste for entrepreneurship
from renting a booth, now barbers can rent booths from you.
You can also rent out booths at locations such as malls,
hotels, and various shops that may want the additional foot
traffic your services have to offer. Renting out booths can
make up for costs of rent and other business expenses.
Learn more about renting a chair versus working on

Selling products in your store is an easy way to make money.
Most companies offer discounts to stores that order in bulk.
Then, you can make a return on this money spent by upping
the prices back to their original pinpoint. Only selling the
most quality products will also ensure that your clients are
happy with what you are offering them. Similarly to selling
products, you can make affiliate money. By recommending
certain brands’ products, you get a small percentage of any
sale made that was referred by you.

Get Barbering Today

Attending American Barber Institute opens up a wide range
of possibilities for your career trajectory explore the various
ways you can be successful barbering.

Payment Plans options Available.

American Barber Institute offers flexible tuition payment plans to help students manage the cost of the Master Barber Program. We have two schedules available, each with its own payment plan options:


Morning Program (8 am - 2 pm)


  • Upon registration, students will pay a $500 tuition down payment.
  • The remaining balance will be divided into 17 weekly payments of $300.
  • Students are responsible for purchasing their own barbering tools, books, and supplies.


Afternoon Program (2 pm - 8 pm)


  • Upon registration, students will pay a $500 tuition down payment.
  • The remaining balance of $4100 will be divided into 16 weekly payments of $250, with a final payment of $100 on week 17.
  • Students are responsible for purchasing their own barbering tools, books, and supplies.


Both plans offer an out-of-pocket comprehensive tuition payment option, ensuring that students can pay in installments throughout their program. Choose the schedule that best fits your needs and start your journey toward becoming a Master Barber with the American Barber Institute.

Access VR financial assistance option.

Access VR program is a key player in supporting individuals with disabilities in obtaining and maintaining employment. This means that if you qualify, you could receive financial assistance to pursue your passion for barbering.

Veterans GI Bill financial assistance option.

If you are a veteran, GI Bill opens doors to education and vocational training. At American Barber Institute, we honor and support those who have served our Country by offering assistance through the Veterans GI Bill, making barbering education accessible to our nation’s heroes.

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