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December 8, 2023

You’ve finally reached the point where you’re ready to open
your own barbershop—a significant and thrilling step in your
career that empowers you to be your own boss. The only
lingering question is how to attract and retain customers.
Successfully marketing your barbershop is a crucial task,
and the responsibility rests on your shoulders to ensure its

Social Media is King
Almost everyone is on social media these days, providing
you with a vast audience. To stand out, maintain an active
presence by posting frequently. Utilize videos showcasing
your shop, and don’t worry too much about high production
quality—smartphone recordings work just fine. Use social
media to highlight any ongoing discounts or specials,
making it the go-to platform for your clientele to stay
informed. Gain permission to showcase your work through
pictures; visuals speak louder than words.

Referral and Loyalty Programs
Implementing reward programs, such as referral and loyalty
programs, can significantly boost your customer base. Offer
discounts to customers who refer friends and family, turning
satisfied customers into your most effective promoters.
Loyalty programs, often involving punch cards, encourage
repeat business. Customers returning for multiple haircuts
will be the backbone of your business and might even bring
in new customers through their loyalty.

Create a Good Website
A well-designed website provides constant accessibility to
your business information, including hours, prices, and
discounts. Incorporate an online booking system to cater to
customers who prefer scheduling appointments digitally.
Ensure your website includes a portfolio, showcasing your
work with the same pictures from social media and market your website with google ads. This allows potential customers to get a clear sense of your skills and style.

Discount Days
Identify slower days at your barbershop and counteract them
by offering discount days. Lower prices on specific
weekdays can attract more customers during regular
working hours. While you might technically earn less on
these days, the increased foot traffic can compensate for the
reduced rates. Consider adjusting your discount days based
on the season or local events to maximize their

Start Marketing Your Barbershop Today
As you embark on your barbering career, these tips will
position your new barbershop at the forefront of local
searches. To kickstart your journey, enroll in New York,
dedicated barber institute. Acquire the skills necessary to
confidently open your own shop, ensuring customer
satisfaction and business success. Sign up for our programs
today and embark on your rewarding career path.

Financial Assistance Is Available

Financial assistance may be available through ACCES-VR, Post-9/11 GI Bill, the US Department of Veterans Affairs or other sources.