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Modern Day Barbering Problem Overcome Them


December 10, 2023
Modern Day Barbering Problem Overcome Them

Barbers bring out our best features. Nearly 15,000 Americans
work as barbers, but cutting and styling hair isn’t always
easy. Even those who attended barber school encounter
various challenges. How can barbershop managers hire and
train new employees, find the right products, and retain loyal
clients? How do they stay atop fashion and hair trends?
Answering these questions can help circumvent barbering
challenges. Here’s your quick guide.
Staff Shortages
When you have an opening, broaden your search for
applicants. Post detailed job descriptions on platforms like
LinkedIn. Set competitive salaries based on industry
standards. If recruitment is a struggle, consider a third-party
recruitment group, but remember, the final hiring decision is
Staff Training

Hire individuals with barber or cosmetology school
experience. Provide training on preferred methods and
current trends. Despite training costs, factor them into your
budget. Assess new employees’ skills post-training to
validate your methods.
Finding the Right Products
Stock your shelves with popular products by observing
customer behavior. Purchase wholesale for lower prices and
potential deals. Develop relationships with product
representatives for insights.
Developing Customer Loyalty
Stand out by building and maintaining customer loyalty.
Collect contact information and send personalized
messages. Utilize social media platforms and focus on
providing unique content. Engage with local news and
barbering-related stories.
Making Customers Feel Welcome
Greet customers warmly, memorize names, and create a
clean, comfortable waiting area. Provide reading materials
and outlets for devices to enhance the overall experience.
Keeping Up With Beauty Trends
Stay updated on the fast pace of beauty trends by reading
fashion magazines and following relevant accounts.
Experiment with different techniques, colors, textures, and hair angles. Encourage conversations with clients about
ongoing trends.
Barber School vs. Cosmetology School
Navigate challenges in hiring, training, and product
selection. Keep in touch with customers, follow trends, and
experiment with your style. If additional assistance is
needed, consider attending a reputable barber school like the
American Barber Institute

Financial Assistance Is Available

Financial assistance may be available through ACCES-VR, Post-9/11 GI Bill, the US Department of Veterans Affairs or other sources.