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Study and prepare for the Transmission of contagious diseases and the proper methods of sanitation and sterilization program
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All new applicants who wish to apply with the State of New York as a Barber Operator or a Barber Apprentice, and all individuals who wish to renew an existing Barber Operator License or Barber Apprentice License must complete a program of study on the Transmission of Contagious Diseases to be employed in barber shops.

The student will receive two packets: The first contains an enrollment agreement and a program booklet. Please return the Enrollment Agreement fully signed with a check. Once A.B.I. receives your signed Enrollment Agreement and payment, we will then mail you a second packet that contains the examination based on the program booklet. You are expected to read and study the program booklet before taking the examination. Upon completion of the exam please ensure that the exam is completely filled out. Then mail the exam back to A.B.I. When we receive the exam back from you, we will grade the exam and upon passing, A.B.I. will mail you two certificates of completion, for your initial or current apprentice or master barber application), and the other certificate for your records.
One easy paymentTUITION & FINANCING .
REQUIREMENTS All what you need to start:
    You should provide a Social Security Card or Tax ID Number
    You should provide Proof of your residential address
    You should provide valid photo identification or a valid Driver’s License
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