Throughout our comprehensive four-month program, students delve into the intricacies of barbering through study of barber theory. This segment focuses on essential aspects such as maintaining impeccable sanitation and sterilization standards, understanding the rich history of the barbering profession, adhering to relevant barbering laws, and mastering the nuances of successful barber careers.

At American Barber Institute, students not only benefit from a wealth of practical experience with a diverse clientele, but they also acquire the necessary expertise in a range of essential barbering techniques. These include the art of shaving, the therapeutic practice of facial massage, and the mastery of diverse hair styling techniques. From the timeless elegance of classic tapers and pompadours to the bold statements of fohawks and baldies, our students become adept at crafting a wide array of hairstyles, including scissors cuts, clipper cuts, caesars, low fades, mid fades, high fades, high-top fades, afro cuts, flat tops, razor lineups, shampoos, and blowouts. Furthermore, our program thoroughly prepares students for the New York State Barber Board Exam, ensuring they are well-equipped to meet the industry’s standards.

Upon successful completion of the program, each student is provided with the invaluable opportunity to explore various job placements. Our dedicated team offers personalized guidance, helping students review the diverse employment opportunities available to them, and assisting them in taking their first confident steps into a rewarding career in the barbering industry.