Master Barber Program (4 Months)

Become a licensed Master Barber in NY with our affordable programs and payment plans. Hands-on-training, Flexible Schedule & Job Placement Available. Be your own boss, own your barbershop, control your income. Recession Prooof Career Industry.

Learn a wide range of haircuts:
We provide our students with all the skills and techniques that will set them apart in their professional careers. Students will get to work on tremendous amount of clients and be taught the art of shaving and hair styling, from :
  • classic tapers
  • fohawks
  • pompadours
  • bald heads
  • caesars
  • low fades
  • mid fades
  • high fades
  • high-top fades
  • afro
  • flat tops
  • razor lineups
  • shampoos
  • classical haircuts
  • beard trims
  • shape ups
  • blowouts
  • mohawks
  • and more

Payment Plans options Available.

American barber institute offers an out-of-pocket comprehensive tuition payment plan as low as $300 per week, allowing students to pay tuition in installments throughout their Master Barber Program. Upon registration, students will pay a $500 tuition down payment. Leftover balance will be divided into 17 weekly payments of $300. Students will be responsible for the purchase of their own barbering tools, books and supplies.

Access VR financial assistance option.

Access VR program is a key player in supporting individuals with disabilities in obtaining and maintaining employment. This means that if you qualify, you could receive financial assistance to pursue your passion for barbering.

Veterans GI Bill financial assistance option.

If you are a veteran, GI Bill opens doors to education and vocational training. At American Barber Institute, we honor and support those who have served our Country by offering assistance through the Veterans GI Bill, making barbering education accessible to our nation’s heroes.

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Our Master Barber Program offers a comprehensive curriculum designed to prepare students for success in the thriving barbering industry. Over four months, students immerse themselves in theory and practical skills, covering sanitation, sterilization, barber history, laws, and shop management.

Our program provides hands-on experience with access to a diverse clientele, allowing students to refine skills under real-world conditions. From mastering shaving and facial massage to perfecting techniques like fades, tapers, clipper over comb, scissor over comb, and much more, graduates leave with a versatile skill set ready for employment in any barber shop.

Additionally, we prepare students for the New York State Board Exam, ensuring they are fully equipped to obtain their Master Barber license and launch their careers.

At American Barber Institute, we're dedicated to grooming education and professional development, aiming to equip aspiring barbers with top-tier training for success. Our programs prepare students to cultivate professionalism and integrity within the barbering community. With a focus on technical skills and business acumen, we empower our students to thrive in the dynamic Barber Industry and and launch their careers.

Upon completion of the program, each student will have the opportunity to meet with our job placement office. Our dedicated team assists students in exploring employment opportunities and helps them navigate the next steps in their career journey. Whether students aspire to work in a traditional barbershop, pursue freelance opportunities, or even open their own businesses, we provide the support and resources needed to turn their aspirations into reality.

Join us in shaping the future of grooming professionals, one skilled barber at a time at recession proof industry.

Entrance Requirements:

    You should provide a Social Security Card or Tax ID Number


    High School Diploma (HSD) or General Equivalency Diploma (GED)* if you do not possess either one you can take (ATB) Entrance exam in our Barber Institute


    You must be at least 17 years of age


    You should provide Proof of your residential address


    You should provide valid photo identification or a valid Driver’s License


    $500 Down Payment